Bargain It's fun to shop online!

I never wanted to admit why I shop on the net. "It's cheaper, saves time." That's all usually true, but I was lying. Now I can admit it, and I admit it freely.

I shop on the net because buying stuff online is fun. There. I said it. But it's "worse" than that, because I don't just shop on the net. I do something else as well. (No, not THAT!).. Read on below...

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Oh, and while you're at it, Buy a Car Online. Why not?

OK, here is "below."

Confession time. I LOVE, not just like, all those crazy insane exaggerated offers (see above, although those are actually sane ones!). "Lose 50 pounds in 10 minutes," "Earn $8,921.56 in two hours by blinking your eyes," etc.… Love 'em. I click those links and would go for every one of them if I could. But are they for real?

Well, some obviously aren't, and some actually are. It's "Let's see what's behind door number one!"

So I may seem a vulnerable target for every scammer in the book. Actually, no. Never been scammed… Well there was a time, but I got a full refund. How can I indulge my huge curiosity and not fall for "it?"

Easy. Some rules of thumb. When I am buying physical stuff, there is less worry. Online versions of regular stores tend to be reputable. But those irresistible offers that promise you everything you could imagine and that I secretly REALLY want to explore and sign up for?

If it's something that offers a free trial, I always go for the free trial. Even if they ask for a credit card, I sign up and then make sure to cancel before the trial expires (preferably immediately, since many trials will let you cancel and still finish out the trial period).

I also read the testimonials and reviews.

Thirdly, I want there to be a moneyback guarantee.

My philosophy? Why bet on the races, where the chances are slim? Put my money where my desire is, learn and grow, maybe it's going to work, or my money back, guaranteed!

Ooh, not to forget one place to get all the "stuff" you find it fun to buy.. Amazon is amazing fun. What suits your fancy today?